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REVOCELL® Casement Windows

Our RevoCell® casement windows are the most energy efficient designs on the market today. The revolutionary mPVC construction yields a slimmer yet stronger frame, with more glass and natural light. Our casement windows feature triple weatherstripping for an airtight fit that prevents drafts, even during high winds. They offer superior energy efficiency with dual-pane insulated glass, while in triple-pane they are in a class of their own. Opening outwards using a nesting crank handle, our casement windows use top quality hardware, for an easy and trouble-free operation for decades to come.

Energy Star's Most Efficient 2023

Awning Window Features

Microcellular PVC construction

Our RevoCell® awning window frames, brickmoulds, and sashes are insulated with billions of closed microscopic cells for superior energy efficiency. They are fusion-welded as a single unit, preventing the air from moving between the window parts.

Contemporary design

Our RevoCell® awning windows feature a minimalist, slim profile that goes equally well with traditional and contemporary home designs.

4-1/2” fusion-welded frame

Our windows come standard on a 4-1/2” deep frame, which is stronger and more durable than the standard 3-1/4” sold elsewhere. The deeper frames give extra dimensional stability and strength. It also allows for a lower sash profiles to maximize the glass surface.

Structural construction

Our RevoCell® multi-lite awning windows feature structurally strong, seamless one-piece frames with integrated cross-mullions. It allows for more natural light to enter the interior, and offers better protection against drafts and water infiltration.

Dual and triple-pane insulated glass units

Two or more layers of glass are joined to create a sealed hollow chamber that acts as a thermal buffer. This minimizes direct heat transfer through glass, and helps prevent condensation and ice build-up. It also helps soundproof the interior, in conjunction with a high-quality cellular spacer.

Low-emissivity coated glass

An invisibly thin metallic coating is baked onto one or more of the glass pane surfaces, reflecting most of the heat in the form of infrared radiation back inside the home during winter and outside during summer, while letting most visible light pass through.

Argon gas filling

The air between the glass panes inside a thermal glass unit is replaced with argon. This inert, odourless gas is heavier than air, reducing convection between the panes and the associated heat loss through the insulated thermal glass unit. It also offsets water vapour to prevent condensation between the panes.

Ener-Edge® warm-edge spacer

Our thermal glass units use a cellular silicone warm-edge spacer with low thermal conductivity, minimizing heat transfer between the interior and the exterior. It also allows for the natural expansion and compression due to temperature changes without failing the seal between them.

Triple weatherstripping

Window sashes use three distinct continuous seals at the interface with the stationary frame and mullions. This stops drafts and the associated heat leaks through the awning window. The thermal glass unit is also sealed to the sash from both the inside and the outside.

PVC-cladded interior wood extension

Our awning windows accomodate a very securely fit interior wood extension cladded with a thick layer of no-maintenance PVC. It allows for the easy installation of blinds or other window treatments, and results in greater window strength and durability.

High-gloss finish

We use the highest grade PVC powder and fabrication techniques which result in a high gloss PVC finish. As a result, our windows are easier to clean, more durable, and won’t fade or yellow over time.

Integrated brickmould (optional)

A brickmould that is part of the window frame creates a superior window assembly that continues the insulation outside, also adding to the awning window strength. It doesn’t require capping – this means less chance of water and air leakage.

Low-profile nesting crank handle

The unique cover and handle design of our crank handle will differentiate your window from the rest. The full-flip folding handle recesses in the operator cover, giving your awning window a smooth, contemporary look, and minimizing interference with curtains and blinds.

NOVA® multi-point lock

The NOVA® Multi-point locking system is the most advanced and adaptable solution on the market. With a removable handle and cover, it offers optimized security, immense flexibilty, and effortless operation.

Robust awning operator

Our awning windows come with a high-performance awning operator which allows opening and closing large windows with 33% less effort than other operators of its kind. These operators feature a sealed housing to reduce water and air infiltration without the use of caulk or additional sealant.

“One-Click”, easy-to-remove screen

Our smooth-edge, easy-to-remove “One-Click” screens are the easiest screens to operate in the industry. With their durable yet elegant aluminium finish, these screens won’t warp or break down over time like some of the competition.

Durable standard colours

Our RevoCell® awning windows come in several standard colours that are engineered during the profile extrusion. Lighter tones are made with cap stock, meaning a layer of tinted PVC covering all exterior-facing surfaces. The darker tones are architectural-grade laminates that are UV reflective and extremely colourfast. Our standard colours are extremely UV and weather-resistant, and won’t peel, flake, or scratch like paint finishes.


REVOCELL® Technology

Most homeowners get their replacement windows in stock white, which is a great all-around colour. But you don’t have to: we offer a comprehensive selection of durable factory finishes on RevoCell® windows, to suit any home style. And if these don’t work for you, custom paint is always an option.

Energy Star's Most Efficient 2023

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