Patio Doors


Energy-saving Patio Doors

Turn your home from ho-hum to heavenly with a beautiful, durable, and energy- efficient sliding glass door from Orian Windows and Doors. Bathe your home in natural light, bring the manicured or untamed landscape inside, and enjoy the easy access outside. All covered by a 25-year warranty! You’ll never have to worry about any damages or accidents when working with Orian Windows and Doors. We have your best interest in mind at all times!

Why choose Orian’s Patio Doors?

Patio doors serve as larger sliding windows, designed robustly for easy passage. They offer a blend of window and door advantages in a single unit. They don’t occupy extra indoor or outdoor space, providing flexibility in furnishing both inside and outside areas. Their expansive glass floods the room with natural light, ensuring year-round comfort and outdoor views. Moreover, these door walls are effortless to operate!

Add beauty by filling your interior with natural light

The radiance of sunlight pouring through a patio door possesses a unique ability to grace a space with elegance surpassing even the most exquisite furniture. Its natural luminosity infuses dull rooms with depth and coziness. Yet, its impact transcends aesthetics: scientific evidence underscores sunlight’s capacity to uplift our spirits and enhance our well-being. During wintry days when braving the outdoors feels uninviting, simply drawing aside the curtains or unveiling the blinds of your patio doors provides an immediate boost of vitamin D, nurturing your soul and revitalizing your energy for the day ahead.


Provide extra visual space by bringing the outdoors in

When a room seems tight and confined, patio doors work wonders by introducing a sense of openness and roominess. While especially impactful in a kitchen, this visual expansion can benefit any space in your home. Consider amplifying an exceptional view, a flourishing garden, or a serene lake by framing it larger with a patio door. Integrating the beauty outside into your indoor space creates an alluring blend that you and others will truly appreciate.

Make your home comfortable

Modern patio doors, when installed, offer energy efficiency, effectively cutting down on heating and cooling expenses for your home. With advancements like triple-pane glass, low-e coatings, improved thermal breaks, and seals, these doors excel in maintaining warmth during winter. In summer, they facilitate such excellent airflow that you might not even need the air conditioner on all but the hottest days, simply by opening the patio doors to let ample fresh air circulate indoors. This technology will make your home much more comfortable.


Add value to your property

As your patio doors open up to a stunningly landscaped backyard, they significantly raise the value of your house. Beyond being a delightful addition, patio doors serve as a valuable asset that enhances the overall worth of your property. With the value that comes with renovating your home it really is worthwhile.

Great for any room

Perfect for ground-level spaces, patio doors also prove to be an excellent choice for balconies or upper terraces. Increasingly, homes are incorporating these doors on higher floors in place of smaller windows. Don’t have a balcony? No worries! By incorporating a handrail or crossbar, you not only enhance safety but also enjoy the benefits of natural light, breathtaking views, and excellent ventilation that a patio door provides.


Awning Window Features


Vinyl-clad solid wood frame

Our patio doors feature a thick and solid solid wood frame, for increased structural strength and a better seal, and to facilitate a quick, easy, and precise installation. The primer protects the frame against mold and rot. Finger joints greatly reduce warping and twisting, and the one-piece exterior and interior vinyl cladding is maintenance-free.


Two-position foot lock (option)

Enhanced security feature. Sturdy spring loaded foot-operated patio door secondary lock. Easily locks for security or opens for egress. Venting option while door is locked. Available in white only.


Durable, quiet tandem rollers

Enjoy smooth, easy, and whisper-quiet operation of your sliding patio door window with our durable tandem roller assemblies. These self-lubricating, non-corrosive rollers offer long life and eliminate blackened tracks, without wear.


Multiple weatherstripping

Each moving glass panel uses multiple weatherstripping seals at the interface with the stationary frame. This reduces drafts and the associated heat leaks through the patio door. Also, the thermal glass unit itself sealed to the sash from both the inside and the outside.

Dual and triple-pane insulated glass units K

Two or more layers of glass are joined to create a sealed hollow chamber that acts as a thermal buffer. This minimizes direct heat transfer through glass, and helps prevent condensation and ice build-up. It also helps soundproof the interior, in conjunction with a high-quality cellular spacer.

Low-emissivity coated glass K

An invisibly thin metallic coating is baked onto one or more of the glass pane surfaces, reflecting most of the heat in the form of infrared radiation back inside the home during winter and outside during summer, while letting most visible light pass through.

Argon gas filling

The air between the glass panes inside a thermal glass unit is replaced with argon. This inert, odourless gas is heavier than air, reducing convection between the panes and the associated heat loss through the insulated thermal glass unit. It also offsets water vapour to prevent condensation between the panes.

Ener-Edge® warm-edge spacer

Our thermal glass units use a cellular silicone warm-edge spacer with low thermal conductivity, minimizing heat transfer between the interior and the exterior. It also allows for the natural expansion and compression due to temperature changes without failing the seal between them.


Frame dimensions

Our patio doors are available in a variety of standard jamb depths, for an exact fit with your wall construction: 512“, 6916“, and 714“. The depth can be further customized with interior frame extensions.


Top security with Level 40 lock

Our superior lock with exterior “D” handle is included with every door and offers the highest-rated resistance to forced entry in North America. The handle design is ergonomic and aesthetic, corrosion-free, without paint peeling or tarnishing. The exterior “D” handle makes operation easy.


Low-maintenance, high-gloss finish

Our higher-grade vinyl powder and fabrication techniques result in a high gloss finish, for a patio door that is easier to clean, more durable, and won’t fade or yellow over time.


Interior jamb extension, framed extension

Interior frame extensions allow adapting to any wall construction and depth. It can be supplied in primed wood for painting to match the interior, or clad in vinyl for a final and maintenance-free finish that won’t fade, crack, or peel.

Patio Door Options


   80″ High Doors

      • 5 ft. door
      • 6 ft. door
      • 8 ft. door
      • 7.5 ft. door
      • 9 ft. door
      • 12 ft. door
      • 10 ft. door
      • 12 ft. door
      • 16 ft. door

   96″ High Doors

      • 5 ft. door
      • 6 ft. door
      • 8 ft. door
      • 7.5 ft. door
      • 9 ft. door
      • 12 ft. door
      • 10 ft. door
      • 12 ft. door
      • 16 ft. door

Patio Door Hardware

Choose your style, and add extra security from multiple sliding door hardware options. We offer a comprehensive selection of handles and locks in different styles and finishes, with or without key locks.

Euro handle with mortise lock (Satin Nickel)
Contemporary handle (Oil-rubbed Bronze)
Contemporary handle (Satin Nickel)
Contemporary handle (White)
Euro handle with mortise lock (Satin Chrome)
Euro handle with mortise lock (Oil-rubbed Bronze)
Euro handle with mortise lock (Brass)
Exclusive D-handle with key lock (exterior)
Exclusive D-handle (interior

Your Patio Door, Your Way

Add extra style and even privacy with between-the-glass grids, simulated divided lites, bronze or gray tinted glass, embossed or flat garden door panels, or integrated blinds. We can match the style of your windows for a coordinated look. You can also add extra security with reinforced glass or cross bars. With several standard vinyl colors available, our patio doors can also be factory painted to any color of your choice.


REVOCELL® Technology

Our Patio Doors come in all shapes and colors. At Orian Windows and Doors we got all your needs covered. Please don’t hesitate to make a special request. We make sure you are totally satisfied!

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